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New Patient FAQs

Dr. DeLong is paneled with HMHI-BHN and most employer sponsored Blue Cross Blue Shield/Regence Insurance plans.  She is unable to take new SelectHealth patients at this time. Before your first visit, we do a verification of benefits so you know what will be covered.  If you have other insurance, we are happy to provide you with a “superbill” to submit to your insurance company if you have “out of network” coverage.  You may use your HSA or FSA to cover visits or copays. 

• New patient call : 10-15 minutes: $0

• Initial Assessment and Evaluation (99204): 50-60 minutes: $350

• Standard medication management follow-up (99213/99214): 20 minutes: $180

• Extended medication management/psychotherapy (99213/99214 +90836) 50 min: $250

• Late cancellation fee for less than 24 business hours notice: $100

Genomic testing through RxMatch: $350 (billed directly to you through Precision Genomics)

A new law passed in January 2022 requires healthcare providers to provide a "Good Faith Estimate" of how much your healthcare could cost in a year if you are self pay.  How many visits you require depends on your diagnosis, type of medication used, and other factors.  Typically, we meet more frequently at the beginning of your treatment until you are stable.  Here is a range for a first year of treatment:

Less complicated: First visit ($350) + 6 standard follow up visits ($1080) = $1430

More complicated: First visit ($350) + 11 standard follow up visits ($1980) + 4 extended visits ($1000) = $3330

You will first chat on the phone with Perspective Mental Health staff to assess your needs.  If we feel like we will be a good fit, you will receive a bunch of forms over email to complete before your first visit.  There will be a lot of questions!  Perspective Mental Health respects your time and financial investment - by completing all the intake forms at least a day before your appointment, Dr. DeLong can start formulating a plan before the appointment even begins!  This means your session time is used efficiently and you will have plenty of time for questions and discussion. 

Medications can often help, and can often help quite a bit, but it doesn’t stop there. We will work with you to create a holistic plan to support all important aspects of your life. Our approach to medications is conservative, and our rule of thumb is to avoid controlled substances.

We help people taper off or simplify medications regimens just as frequently as we start them. 

This depends on your diagnosis and type of medication.  Initially, we meet every few weeks until symptoms are stabilized, then the frequency may be reduced. Once stable, we generally meet 3-4 times a year. 

I am unable to provide emotional support animal letters, disability evaluations, return to work letters, or forensic evaluations. I would recommend Dr. David Burrow at for forensic matters.  For other paperwork, we would first need to meet several times to get to know each other.

We see adults over age 21.  Check out to search for child/adolscent specialists near you.

As long as you are a resident of Utah, YES.

Your loved one is so lucky to have you on their team!  And it is so hard to see them suffer. To respect their privacy, I can only communicate with patients directly, but please check out this article on how to discuss your concerns with your loved one:

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