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Medication management tailored specifically to you. 

Getting Started

Working Together

For over sixteen years patients like you have found help for psychiatric medication management and mental distress after seeing Dr. Sara Delong.  Dr. DeLong takes a non-judgmental, warm and compassionate approach for all patients. She views her work with patients as highly collaborative and sees medication as one tool of many to help achieve your best balanced life. 

Many patients seek help due to the following:

We all go through difficult times. However, if several of the following statements sounds familiar and have been going on for more than a few weeks, you might benefit from a further evaluation:

- “I’m surviving, but not thriving. Everything seems hard.”

- “I’m sleeping a lot but don’t feel rested”


- “I can’t sleep and I don’t feel rested.”


- “I’ve tried so many things to try and help, and it just doesn’t seem to be working.”


- “I have been on psychiatric medications for a long time and I’m wondering if they are doing any good, or if there are choices with fewer side effects, or maybe I should just stop?”


- “I think I’m over-medicated."


- “I have no sex drive.”


- “I feel like a burden to the people around me.”


- “I can’t stop worrying.”


- “Panic attacks are making it hard to function.”


- “I’m losing my temper more easily”


- “I’m entering/going through menopause and what is happening to my mood???”


- “I can’t seem to stop crying.  It feels like if I start, I’ll never stop.”


- “I’m having a lot of nightmares of past trauma.”


- “My therapist/loved ones suggested I talk to a psychiatrist.”


- “I’m going through a lot of work/relationship/parenting changes and I think I need some help.”

Taking action can be especially difficult when you are struggling, but you are already moving forward by visiting this site.  Click below to contact us:
Seeking Help

Many people have questions about starting this process. Find answers to frequently asked questions here. 

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