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Sara DeLong, MD (she/her)

Dr. DeLong has worked with patients for over 17 years to deepen their capacity for balanced living.  This includes developing loving relationships, supportive community, physical health, satisfying sexual life, enjoyable nutrition, connection to nature, meaningful work (in or out of the home), and spiritual life.  Sometimes, medications can help people improve this balance. 


Her practice focuses on supporting people, and especially women, as they navigate work, relationships, health issues, and family transitions.  


Prior to private practice, Dr. DeLong was honored to serve as a psychiatrist with Intermountain Healthcare for over six years.  Prior to returning to her home state of Utah, Dr. DeLong practiced in San Francisco in community mental health and private practice. She also served as an assistant clinical professor at UCSF’s Department of Psychiatry in the Women’s Mood & Hormone Clinic.  She has additional experience working with HIV+ patients and the Utah refugee community.


Dr. DeLong completed psychiatry residency at the University of California, San Francisco. She graduated with honors from the University of Utah School of Medicine after receiving her Bachelor of Arts from Wellesley College.  


Dr. DeLong is firmly committed to LGBTQIA+ affirmative care.

Dr. DeLong enjoys spending time in the mountains with her family and dog, knitting, baking whole grain sourdough, and watching too much Netflix.  She is a big fan of naps.

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