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1. Put on your favorite upbeat music; this will activate the "pleasure" centers of your brain.

2. As you are reading this, start to smile.  Now, REALLY smile! Research shows that the simple act of smiling (even holding a pencil between your teeth) sends a message to your brain to create the emotion that does with the action.  Your body doesn't knew the difference.

3.  Exercise.  You've heard it before.  Exercise has been shown to help with depression, anxiety, and insomnia.


4.  Surround yourself with photos of supportive people in your life.  I strongly encourage including an adorable baby picture of yourself.

5. Bring plants and flowers into your home and work space if possible.

6. Think about what you loved doing as a child and do it.  Ride a bike, dance, color, swing on a swing set, have an ice cream cone, build something from Legos.  Chances are you will still love it.

7.  Express your appreciation to someone through a note or email.  If this is too much, secretly wish the next person who crosses your path a peaceful.

8.  Get enough sleep.  If you fall asleep in less than 5 minutes you are probably sleep deprived.  If insomnia is a problem, learn more about sleep hygiene to naturally improve the chances you will feel rested during the day.

9.  Train your body to relax.  Explore this link to learn more about the relaxation response.  

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